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Difference between ClubRight and ProRight
Difference between ClubRight and ProRight

How to automate my business

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The product range is designed to give you the right features that will benefit your business and its needs. We know that your business will change as will the needs of that growing business, which is why it is so important to make use of the features we provide in ProRight.

Overview of ClubRight vs ProRight

​So what are the primary benefits

  • Overdue automated payment management

  • Bulk actions to change membership plans all in one go

  • Staff hours and payroll reports

  • Promo codes

  • Customer Journey automation to give your customers a great connected experience

  • Google Analytics connection for online membership

  • Multi site access

  • Push notifications

  • Customisable email templates

  • Ticket and Event booking

  • Unlimited Virtual content

  • Smart communication tool

​Want to Upgrade or find out more?

If you seen enough and want to upgrade or you want to find out more about how ProRight could benefit your business please contact us via the Orange circle (Help Desk) so the right member of the team can reach out to you

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