How to change a membership fee

How to change the amount a customer pays for a monthly membership fee.

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To change a Customers Payment Amount, you must follow the steps below...

Step 1

Go in to the Customers/Members profile.

Step 2

Click on the "Memberships" Tab and click 'edit' on the Membership plan that is currently "Active".

Step 3

Go to the "Options" tab and click "Cancel" - This is only cancelling the subscription and not the Direct Debit (DD) Mandate.

Step 4

Go back to the "Memberships" Tab and add the new plan (With the new amount)

Step 5

When adding the plan you will change collection day to immediate, then next to earliest payment date please write in with you next want to collect the amount.

Step 6

Click 'add'

Step 7

Click to setup the Direct Debit subscription. No bank details are required for that, as that is what the DD mandate is for.

Additional info

Your customer will receive automated communication from ourselves and GoCardless to confirm the changes.

Note: If the Membership Plan that you are selling them has "Pro-rata" switched on, you may wish to untick this so that the customer is not overcharged. You must then go back and enable it afterwards too, to ensure new customers are paying it going forward.

Note: Only owner level are able to cancel a membership plan, if you are setup as a member of staff you will need to ask a member of staff setup as an 'owner' to cancel the plan before proceeding.

Note: If the customer is with Harlands or DFC you will need to contact these company's to make the change as they control the payments.

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