Diary Overview

An view of the different features of the diary

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Firstly to access the diary you will click the diary icon on the left hand side.

Diary filters - Along the top of the dairy you will see different filters such as location, staff and activity, this way you can change the filter and only those meeting the specific criteria will show up.

Diary/On-going schedule - Just below location you will see the headings for the 'diary' and ongoing schedule. The diary will show the class on the dairy, the ongoing schedule will show each day of the week and the classes it consists of. within the ongoing schedule you can click on the class and see all future classes/ the settings etc.

Moving changing the date show - You can use the arrows to move backwards and forwards, this will then display the other weeks.

Changing dates shown - On the right hand side you be able to have more dates showing on the diary or less by clicking on month view, week view, and day view. If you click on rota this will bring up your staff rota.

Staff rota on the diary - the greyed out times are when noone is on shift at the club. You can setup the rota within the staff settings.

Adding a class - If you click on the diary you can add in an activity.

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