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A quick guide in the reports within ClubRight

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Within ClubRight we offer a very wide range in reports from who is active, what products are purchased each day, to members who have not attended in 4 months. The level of reports available is specific to which ClubRight solution you use so the number available will vary.

To access the reports you will go to the reporting feature on the left hand side.

The first page you will come across is the membership overview which will show 3 months on how many memberships you have sold and how many have left.


Operational reports will show the attendance history, How many activity staff members are taking. What tasks are still outstanding etc.

Member reports will show all reports relevant to your members such as what members are active or overdue. How many credits the customers have left, a list of your members birthdays, a report who has filled out the par Q, and who has awards including much more.

Retention reports is about members and how often they have come into the club, for example those who have not been in for over a month etc.

Bookings and Appointments Reports allows you to report back on attendance, missed attendance and attendance by activity.

Accounting Reports in this section we cover the heartbeat of your business in terms of the financial reporting.

Please note that reports available to view will be based on the solution you purchase from ClubRight.

To find out which reports apply please click below

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