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Bulk Change/Freeze of Memberships

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Note - The option of bulk actions/changes is found in our Complete product only. Talk to us about upgrading your product from Core/GoRight to Complete if you require this feature.

If there is a need to mass-freeze your memberships, for example your facility is closing for a refurbishment, you can easily do so using this tool.


  • Please be aware that the changes made are irreversible so take the time to read the whole article before you deploy those changes. the changes take 4 working days to complete.

  • This ONLY works if you use Clubright Pay, GoCardless or Stripe

  • All DFC and Harlands customers should contact them directly to implement a Freeze as this is part of their service.

  • You will freeze 5 working-days before the freeze takes place. For example if you want to freeze from the 1st June, you need to ensure you start the freeze 5 working-days beforehand.

Step 1 :

Firstly, You cannot future date a bulk freeze outside of the 5-working days.

You will setup the bulk freeze on the 5th working day prior to the date you want to freeze payments from. For example if today is the 9th and you would like to freeze from the 20th onwards, you need to setup the freeze on the 15th, you cannot forward date this.

To access the bulk changes area you will go to the settings cog in the top right, then you will scroll down to the bulk actions tab.

You will then click the 'create new action' button.

Step 2:

Select the membership plan* which you would like to change.

You can also filter by memberships started since a certain date (this is often blank for lockdown related freezes)

* We recommend using the "Active" option to freeze all memberships, leaving the date blank

Now we will select the changes you would like to make.

Step 3:

Change membership status - bulk changing the status of the membership plan for example changing all on the plan to Freeze.

VERY IMPORTANT NOTE at this point regarding GoCardless/ClubRight Pay payments

It is really important to recognise that you MUST allow 5-working days for bulk actions to take place as it is NOT an instantaneous change made to Freeze the future payments. This is due to UK Direct Debit timings whereby payment requests are sent to your member's banks in advance of the collection date.


Create Bulk Freeze Action Will prevent payments from

28th Dec 4th Jan
29th Dec 5th Jan

30th Dec 6th Jan

If a payment is due on the 4th of January, and the bulk action is created on the 29th of December, then payments due on the 4th of January WILL be collected as they have been submitted to the banks for collection.

Step 4:

You are able to send a message to the customers who are going to experience any changes to keep them up to date, which is key so they know what is happening at all times.

Step 5:

Click the check and schedule button in the top right

Step 6:

Within here you are able to see who will have the change made to and you will be able to check to ensure they are correct.

If all the customers in the list are correct you can confirm and schedule the changes.

If the customers showing up are not all correct please cancel and return to see the settings.

This feature is exclusive to Complete customers.

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