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Your Branded App (The Details)
Your Branded App (The Details)

Your Branded App with the Combine Solution

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In addition to your Branded App (ie. Your Logo & Club Name on the Google Play &/or App Store - with the ability for your Customers to also JOIN via your Branded App too), the “Combine” solution includes all the features that are part of the “Complete” solution & a full list of these can be found here =

The ClubRight Branded App is available on Application ONLY and does not form part of current solutions offered
Our Team will take you though the additional costs and set up required.

Your Branded App Benefits

Your business brand will appear on the App stores, allowing your customers to search for & download it. They can then start enjoying the benefits of being a member at your club.

On the App store & ready to go:

Join on the Branded App:

Your customers can now search for & download your Branded App and also Join your club, in addition to being able to join via your business website as normal & in the club too.

Once the App store download is complete, your customer can;

  • Login, if they are already a member

  • Buy a membership, or pay & book for an activity as a returning customer

  • New customers will be able to join via your Branded App

Joining for Multi Site Clubs

If you have multiple clubs, under the same name, all of your clubs will use the same Branded App. This includes the ability for the customer to choose which location/branch they wish to join.

Step 1: Add an email and click "Join Now"

Step 2: Register their details

Step 3: Select which gym to join

NB: Once a customer chooses which club they wish to join, it will then follow the normal process of online joining.

Set up Process & Tips

  • The 1-Off Set Up Fee of £400 +vat is non-refundable and will need to be paid prior to any work being undertaken.

  • There is a 60-days' lead time for building your Branded App from receipt of; 1) Your Set-Up Fee 2) Confirmation in writing for us to proceed & 3) Us receiving the information that we require, which is detailed here = - You can however, get started by setting up and signing new customers using the “Complete” solution straight away. Your customers can use the Free ClubRight Member App whilst you wait for your Branded App to go live.

  • IMPORTANT: We will only increase your Monthly fee, after your Branded App has gone Live.

  • If you have been using the ClubRight Member App prior to having your Branded App launched, that is totally fine and once your Branded App is live, you will have some members on each, but ultimately seeing the same thing once they are logged in.

  • The contents of your Branded App are exactly the same as what your customers are seeing/using now (If you are using the ClubRight Member App).

  • Once your Branded App is live, your club should ideally stop using the ClubRight App and any reference to it should be removed from any marketing. All your existing customers/members (& Staff) should be encouraged by you to start switching over to your new Branded App instead. All new customers joining will be directed to the new one automatically via the automated emails they receive.

  • To confirm: Customers/Members (& Staff) who were using the ClubRight Member App will just need to download your new Branded App and login using the exact same details (For reassurance, until they have switched over, their ClubRight Member App will still work, so this process can be transitional). Once you are confident that most customers have switched, you should let us know, so that we can then make your Branded App the only one available for your club.

  • If you have created any posts on social media &/or marketing materials (Including automation within ClubRight) that refer to the ClubRight App, please update these to suggest that they search for your own Branded App on the relevant App store instead - be sure to advise them of the correct name (Exactly how it appears on the stores)

  • Once your Branded App is Live, the automated emails that we send on your behalf, such as the welcome email, membership confirmation &/or booking confirmation will also automatically redirect your customers to your Branded App.

  • It is a good idea to still allow your customers to join via a browser too, as not everyone has a mobile phone &/or wants to download an App (Especially if it is an older model that will not allow it). Therefore, we recommend to still use your unique URLs behind Join Now buttons on your website and social media etc in addition to allowing them to join via your Branded App. That way you cover all bases.

Any questions, as always, please contact the Customer Success Team on the Orange Button/Circle so that we can help you.

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