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Access Control trouble shooting

Members cannot gain access through a gate / turnstile / door.

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When it comes to the club access no longer working, we typically find this is due to a change on your site and not typically related to the ClubRight software.
Below are some troubleshooting tips.

There are 2 types of Access Control but all powered by the same Welcome Screen program as part of ClubRight

  • Welcome Screen Reception use - A desk top scanner used as a Reception Only

  • Welcome Screen Access Control - Connected to a turnstile, door or gate activation

What should I check?

Step 1
Ensure that the Welcome Screen has not been turned off as it does need to be turned on to work

Step 2
Has something changed in the set up such as

  1. New Windows PC been set up but not connected correctly

  2. Check all the cables are correctly connected and not damaged in anyway

  3. Has your Windows PC completed a Windows update that has change the settings

DO NOT UNINSTALL & REINSTALL the Welcome Screen program as this unlikely to be the reason your Access control is not working.
This is should only take place if recommended and executed by your Access Control engineer ONLY, as they will know all the correct settings

ClubRight are responsible for the Software

  • ClubRight is the software provider that has created the Welcome Screen application that talks to the hardware that makes Access Control work in your business.

  • We maintain the application to ensure it works with the recommended hardware

  • We integrate with Nortech

  • We integrate with Paxton which should be worked on by qualified engineers

We are NOT Access Control engineers but have created a simple easy to install software that connects Nortech or Paxton to manage your members Access to the club.


In summary it is important to know that if there was a global issue with Access control that was effecting all ClubRight customers, be rest assured we will be working instantly to resolve it for you.

However if you do have an issue as mentioned at the beginning of this article, it will be a site specific issue that we will need to be diagnosed, most likely by an Access control engineer

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