How do Resources work?

Book a Spin Bike, a court, a pitch, a mat with the Complete Solution

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Welcome to how to use Resources as part of the Complete Solution

Using Resources makes it really easy to offer your members a really personalised way of making a booking by allowing them to choose additional options as part of the booking process.

So how could Resources by used?
Improving and personalising your members booking experience is really simple to set up with Resources as part of the Complete Solution.

These could be

  • Allow your member to book a specific Spin Bike in the studio

  • Allow your member to book a Yoga mat of their choice

  • Allow your members to book a badminton court of their choice

  • Allow your members to book a 3g Football pitch

  • Book an activity where it is key to provide your customer with dedicated accessibility

What will your member now see?

So once set up you members will be able to select from the drop down the exact number bike they wish to book in the studio making for a more personal and accessible booking experience.
See example below

Importantly If your member has selected Bike 1 the system will assume you want to book that bike again if it is available to book or the member can choose a different one of course, which can be their choice when they book a bike.

Setting up Resources

  • Go to Settings then choose Resource Types

  • Now select 'Resource Types' from the dropdown menu

Resource Types
Resource types are a way of grouping resources, for example if you have different Spin bikes, Yoga mats. Badminton courts and 3G pitches with different numbers to name but a few Resource types you could create.

Firstly you'll need to add a new resource type by selecting the option in the top right corner 'Add new resource type'.

Now add a name for the resource type you've created resource type here.

Once you've named your resource type, click Add and Close.

Now you've added the resource type you can continue and add a resource.

Go to the 'Settings' menu and select 'Resources' from the dropdown menu.

Now you'll need to add a new resource.

Name your resource.~
For Example Spin Bike 1, Mat 1, Pitch 1 etc

Now select from the resource types to add the resource to that group

Click here to add the resource and edit it's settings

Here you can add a description.

This can include specific information on the Spin Bike, Yoga Mat or badminton court that you want to display to the member before they confirm their booking. For example Bike 1

This would be the resource type you've created previously Spin Cycle.

Active From

You can select a date for the resource to be active from here.

Just ensure this aligns with your bookable activity the resource is linked to.


You can mark the resource as unavailable if a Spin bike is out of action and in need of repair


You can select an image to illustrate the resource here. For example, this could be a Spin Bike, Yoga Mat, Pitch or Badminton Court like examples below


The 'Activities' option on the right hand side enables you to link the resource to your chosen bookable activity.

Just ensure the number of resources you create and the maximum number of attendees in your activity is set as the same. If you'd like to make all of the Spin bikes in your studio or boats available to anglers to select.

Once you've amended the resource settings accordingly don't forget to hit 'Save Changes' in the top right hand corner.

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