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How to add a membership manually in club
How to add a membership manually in club

Add a membership in Club

Updated over a week ago

Ensure the membership plan itself is setup correctly in the settings before adding to a member.

Step 1

Go to the member's profile

Step 2

Click on the membership plan tab and add a new membership plan

Step 3

Select the name of the membership plan you would like to add

Step 4

Ensure this is correct in regards to the payment dates, and payment amounts etc.

If you are using bolt-ons you will need to select these manually now.

Step 5

If this is correct click add

Step 6

Check the plan is added correctly, if you click the payments tab you can see all the future payments

Step 7

If the payments look correct, Select the payment method under the summary tab.

If the member turns overdue you can now take this through the till.

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