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Multi Site Bookings

Classes and Activities across a Multi site facility - A Complete Add On Feature

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Multi Site Bookings Feature
The ability to power Class bookings across many sites in your group is a hugely powerful feature making it possible
1) Your members can book classes in different sites across your business
2) Grow your income by charging more for the ability to book across many sites

3) Each membership credits can be used when booking in multi site mode

4) Buy Credits as a package not just with a membership plan

How do I get started with Multi Site Bookings?

Step 1
Firstly contact the Help Desk Team to book in a set up session with you to ensure you get the most out of this feature and initial the add on upgrade for this exciting feature.

How much is the add on?
Multi Site Bookings
No set Up Fee
Only £50 Plus Vat per site

This add on is only available with the Complete Solution, which means if you are using the Core Solution you will also need to upgrade to Complete and its many business growth benefits.

Why would I use this feature?

When your business is spread over multi sites it is key to be able to allow your customers to make bookings in different locations.

This feature allows you to grow your income by selling memberships that give your customers who pay more the ability to book classes in many sites, if purchased their membership in one of the sites.

Example Use cases
In this Business there are 3 sites Club A, Club B and Club C

  • Customers buys a membership in Club A that gives them access to book classes in Club A,B and C.

  • Club A, B and C can decide which classes they make available for other sites members to book. Means they can protect classes for their own members and not make them available.

  • Allows each site to also charge more for this feature in the monthly membership fees

How do I set up Multi Site Bookings in ClubRight?

Step 1 - Ensure that all clubs are on our Complete Solution A B and C

Step 2 - A Membership version
Go the Membership plan that you wish to activate Multi booking and select the
"Allows group Club access" option

Step 3 - A Product version with credits will also need to be set up to allow those credits to be used in a Multi booking scenario.
Then choose from the drop down and select "Valid across all group clubs"

Step 4 - This now determines which Membership Plan and Product is available to use across All clubs A, B and C.

​Step 5 - Now set up which Activities in Club B to decide you want to be available for booking by another club's member in the group.
To set up which Activity/Class can be shared with other sites

Step 6 - To activate Membership Plan access choose "Membership plans access" then scroll to the bottom of the list to reveal "Group Membership Plans" and tick all the plans that are to be able to book from other sites

Step 7 - To activate Product Credits access choose "Product Access" then scroll to the bottom of the list to reveal "Group Products" and tick all the plans that are to be able to book from other sites

The purpose of this is to allow the club to decide which Activities/Classes they wish to make available for Group booking.

What does your Customer/Member see on the Member App?

Step 1 - Your customer goes to their Member App
Step 2 - Select the Switch to another club Tile

Step 3 - When your member clicks on this tile it will then show the list of clubs that are available from Multi site bookings

Step 4 - Your member will then see classes available at the at Club B in the normal way to book.

Step 5 If the customer has not got a valid membership plan or credits to make a booking in Club B they will be promoted to purchase it in the normal manner.

Step 6 - When the Member/Customer arrives at Club B the system will register them on the class of their choice and allow access to the club in exactly the same way.

In Summary

You are now able to grow your revenue by offering your Members/Customers the ability to book Classes/Activites in multiple locations

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