If you are reading this you are most likely looking to refund a member, this could be within multiple different ways for example DD, Cash etc and we are here and happy to help you find the best solution 

Refunding through Direct Debit -
If you are looking to refund through direct debit unfortunately you cannot do this as the money collected is deposited into your business bank account and as such you will need to go through your bank to refund the payment.

Refunding through the member CASH -
If you are looking to refund a cash purchase through the till you will need to go onto the members profile, then within the member you will need to go onto the purchase tab. From here you can see all the till transaction and will click on the product and press refund 

If you are refunding an automatic card payment you will click on the membership in the customers profile. then click the payments tab, Now click the bin icon to refund.

Refunding through the member STRIPE - If the payment was one off These will follow the same steps for cash refunds.

If the payment was taken automatically then you will go to the members profile, then click on the membership plan. Now click payments then the bin icon next to the one you would like to refund.

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