Isn't it frustrating getting called up from one of your members asking why they can't book into your classes leaving you confused. Within this article we will give a few tips to see what may be stopping members from booking in :)

The first step is to check if the member has an active membership, if they do then you can look into the membership, within here you will be able to see what the member can and cant book into. There are a few things here that could cause this, for example you will need to check they are allowed to book into the class they are trying to. for example if they are trying to book into spin however this is not selected it wont let them.

If the member is purchasing credits to book into certain classes there are a few things to look at here.
The first is to look at if the member has credits left as they may have run out, after this you can look into the credit they currently have, ensure that the credit allows them to book into the class. If this all looks good then look at if the credit is valid as they may have run out of time, you can check the date by going into the members purchases and it will show the date it is valid till. 

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