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Getting started with the power of SMS and Text Messaging.

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Text Messaging 

Text messaging is the most direct, and the quickest, form of communication which can be used to great effect in your business.

ClubRight allows you to send a text message for many reasons;

  • Welcoming text to a new customer

  • Sending Happy Birthday wishes

  • Communicating a space on a Class waiting list has become available

  • Chasing a missed payment

in addition to many other use cases.

It is the immediacy of texting a customer that makes it such a powerful form of communication to use with your members.

How do I start using text messages?

  1. Go to Settings, and click integrations.

2) From integrations, click the setup button under "Automated SMS", and follow the steps on screen.

3) You will now have a unique number for your club that members can save to their contacts on their mobile phone so they are able to text the club.

4) You can easily send a text message to one member, or a group text to several members, at the same time.

To send an Individual Message go to the Member's Profile click on the Comms Hub, then click "Send" and put a checkmark next to "Send SMS".

To send a Group Message go to the Members Grid, and then filter/select who you wish to send a message to. Once only members you want to text are shown, click the 'Send Message' button. Once again put a checkmark next to "Send SMS" and then click 'Send when ready. Replies will appear on your dashboard.

5) ClubRight also enables you to have a 2-way text conversation. This enables your customer to reply back which will appear in green as a new message on the dashboard, you can then reply back, as part of a 2-way text conversation. All text conversations are tracked on each member's profile.

Text can provide much quicker responses, as people are more likely to see a text on their phone than an email. You are therefore more likely to get a faster response back, especially if it's key that are able to let a member know something important quickly, like "tonight's class is cancelled."

How much does it cost?

Unlike other providers, ClubRight have provided great value text messages without having to purchase more than you need with bulk buy options.

Our approach is very easy and affordable;

  • Pay for what you use

  • No need to buy in bulk to get the lowest price

  • We will bill you monthly for the text messages used

  • One low price, 5.5p per text sent or received

  • We will just bill you at the end of each month for number of text messages sent/received using your ClubRight Account.

It could not be any easier to grow your business by using text messaging in ClubRight.

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