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Collect a One Off Payment using GoCardless
Collect a One Off Payment using GoCardless

How to collect a One Off Payment using GoCardless

Updated over a week ago

There may be a time when you might look to collect a one payment using Direct Debit which is supported with our integration we have with GoCardless.

It is easy to do using the steps below 

Step 1
This feature ONLY works with GoCardless
You MUST have a DD Mandate in place to be collect a one payment against otherwise it will not be possible. If the member does not have a mandate in place ClubRight will prompt you to create one.

Step 2
Create the Membership or amount you wish to collect, once this has been done proceed to method of payment. At this point select payments by cash green button.

Step 3
This will then show collect One Off payment button with the amount to collect on it.
Click on the button to proceed with the payment.

Step 4

This final step confirms that the amount requested was successful if not it will ask you to set up a GoCardless mandate.

Note - That one off payments collected by DD are processed over a 5 day period and as such are not paid 2 days after that collection has been made.

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