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Collecting An Overdue Payment
Collecting An Overdue Payment

Help your customers get up to date with their payments.

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Taking an overdue payment in club

Step 1:

First of all, go to the member's profile. We can clearly see that this person has an overdue payment.

Now that we've identified that they have overdue payments, we need to bring them back up-to-date.Β 

Step 2:

Click edit on the overdue membership.

Step 3:

Now click Collect Through Till.

Step 4:

You now be taken to the Till, and have the option to collect the payment by cash or card payment. Choose and click your payment method.

Top tip

If you would like to collect without taking a payment click here to learn how to discount through the till.

Step 5:

Click complete sale, and your member will be brought back up to date πŸ‘

Taking an overdue payment online

Whenever a member turns overdue if they login to the app or web-browser it will prompt them for a payment.

They will then pay by card.

Please ensure stripe is turned on.

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