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Why Can't My Members Pay by Card Online? πŸ€”
Why Can't My Members Pay by Card Online? πŸ€”

How to Set Up Paid-In Full-Membership Plans & Class Payments Online

Updated over a week ago

If your members are unable to make card payments online, the chances are that there are some simple set up solutions that can be done in minutes.

Stripe Has Not Been Set Up

If a card payment cannot be created it is most likely that Stripe has not been set up, which will prevent you from being able to take card payments from your customers.
To resolve this, open the Settings Menu and click Integrations.
Select Stripe to set up your Merchant Account will take you 5 minutes to complete

Once this has been completed, you will be able to start taking One Off Payments for Memberships and Classes.

Payment Option Not Set Up

In each Membership Plan there is section on the top left which allows to choose the Method of Payment. Once you select Card by ticking the box, the plan is ready to offer card payment as the desired method pf payment.

If your members are still unable to take card payments, please feel free to drop us a message through the orange circle 😊

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