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Why can't my Member Log in?
Why can't my Member Log in?

Is your member having trouble accessing their account? Here's a few things to check!

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A benefit of using ClubRight is that each member has their own online area - on a browser or in the ClubRight Member App - which means they can manage their membership, book classes and make purchases.

On the rare occasion that the member is having difficulty logging into their online area, here are a few steps you can try to allow them access again.

The Member is Entering the Incorrect Password ❌

If the member has signed in online before but is now having problems signing in again, it could be because they are entering their password incorrectly. 

To get around this, follow the Forgot Password process so that the member can set a new password.

The Member is Entering the Incorrect Email Address ❌

If the member has joined in club, they will need to register their online account using the same email address that was entered in the club, so always double check members' details when joining them at the front desk.

A Hiccup in Data Transfer (if switching from a previous provider) ❌

When switching to ClubRight from a previous software supplier, we offer a free upload of existing member data. On the rare occasion that one or two members' email addresses do not link up correctly, it's super easy to rectify.

Neil shows you how to do exactly that in the tutorial below!

My members app is showing disabled

This often means the member has been part of a club which is now disabled on clubright.

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