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Social Distancing Attendance Tool
Social Distancing Attendance Tool

How to manage you members in the club safely

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The post-COVID world is now very much part of our lives going forward, which presents a number of challenges for the fitness/leisure industry to deal with, but one big problem now has the ultimate solution.

What is key now is to ensure your members feel safe and confident on every visit to your club.

We have created a social distancing feature that empowers your ability to manage your club's attendance at any one tine without taking over the class booking diary with gym attendance rather than classes.

What will I need to make it work?
You will need to ensure that you the relevant hardware set up, which may well already be in place, but also might need to be purchased.

  • A bar code reader that will read the Bar code or QR code from the Members App attached to a Windows PC at reception

  • Your Members need to be using the Member App when they arrive and when they leave club

  • If you have a turnstile in place already connect to ClubRight this will instantly just work with no set up changes to the turnstile hardware.

How to set up the Social Distancing Tool
Please watch this video to get all the information you need for set up

How the Social Distancing works

Here we will show the Social Distancing tool in use showing you how to see the benefits of this on a daily basis, once you have set it up.

IMPORTANT NOTE - Please ensure you set up your opening times NOW. If you do not do before we launch this new feature your club will appear as "Closed" when it is not.
If you do notice your club is showing as "closed" go straight to Settings Club Info and Club Access to input your opening times.

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