Membership plan overview

A quick guide on membership plans and what the different features are used for.

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The first page you will come across when setting up a membership plan is the info tab. This is what your members will see if the plan is setup on the members area. This will include the name summary and description of the plan. You are also able to add an image.

Under the Details tab you will setup options such as if you want the plan online, how long the plan will last, and how they pay.

  • Max number of members is for a joint membership plan, please leave as 1 unless you want to setup a joint play

  • Can be purchased online will mean the plan will show up in the members area which customers can sign up to

  • Cant be purchased more than once means customer can only purchase the plan once, after then they will need another plan.

  • Featured will mean on the memebrs area it will show up at the top of the list and bigger than the other plan.

  • Order and sorting is where you can manually setup where it shows up online in terms of the other plans, 1 will show up at the top, then 2 and so on.

  • Contact length is how long the plan will run for

  • Cancel at the end of contract works with the contract length so once this is reached it will then cancel

  • Earliest start date will allow you to sell a plan however start at a future date

  • Payment options is how the plan can be purchased.

The restrictions tab allow you to setup specific restrictions on the plan which members will follow.

Access limits - you can limit how many times a customer enters the club, this does not limit amount of bookings.

Time restrictions - you will enter the times customers can enter the club, outside this time will be denied access.

Activity access is where you will tick to allow unlimited access to booking specific classes.

The bolt-on tab will allow you to link credits to a plan, this will restrict bookings.

Payment schedule allows you to setup how much and how often a payment is made for a plan for example only once, weekly, monthly etc

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