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Limit the Number of Classes per Period Available to Members
Limit the Number of Classes per Period Available to Members

How to limit class access on a membership plan with bolt ons

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If the Membership Plans you sell, include access to bookable classes, there are two ways you can operate:

1 - Unlimited Class Access - members can book as many classes per period as you have available


2 - Restricted Class Access - you want to restrict the number of classes per period that a member can book (for example up to 2 classes per week)

In this article we will cover scenario 2, Restricted Class Access.

We are going to use Bolt-Ons to achieve this outcome.

How to Set up Your Bolt-ons:

  • Go to Settings > Products

  • Click "Add New Product"

You should now be in the set-up menu on the "Basic Options" tab:


Name - Give your Bolt-on a meaningful name, for example "1 credit bolt-on" or "5 classes per week"

Product Type - Select "Credits"

Till Name - as your members will not be "purchasing" these credits, this field is not needed

Nominal Code - not required

Group - not required

Price - leave as zero, as credits are to be included in their membership plan

Credits - 1 credit = 1 class, insert the number of lessons the member will have access to per period

Monthly Price - leave as zero

Available on all memberships - leave unticked

Now "save changes" and move to:


Available to purchase for - select Till Only

Joining offer - leave unticked

Bolt-on - here you will select the frequency of the credit delivery. You have a choice in how the credits are delivered:

  • One-off on Joining - This won't be suitable for a recurring monthly membership for example, as these will only deliver credits once at the beginning of the membership

  • Weekly - credits will be delivered on a week-to-week basis and refresh each and every week

  • Monthly - credits are delivered and refresh on a monthly basis

Q - What frequency should you choose?

A - this depends on your business, how you advertise and how you wish to control class access.

For example, if you advertise your membership as "2 free classes per week" then you probably want to deliver the credits weekly. If you advertise your memberships as "10 free classes per month" then you probably want to deliver the credits monthly

Q - When do the credits renew?

The credits renew to coincide with the members start date and frequency you selected above. For example, a member joins on a Tuesday, and you opt for weekly delivery, then the credits refresh each Tuesday. The member joins on the 5th of the month, and you opt for monthly delivery, the credits will refresh on the 5th of every month. This is independent of payment date!

Now "save changes" and move to:


Next, you will want to move over to 'activity access' and select the activities that your customers can book onto using these credits, then "save changes".


Ignore this section​

FINAL STEP - Create your plan, or add the Bolt-On to an existing plan

Navigate to Settings > Membership Plans

Create a new plan or edit a current plan (how to set-up membership Plans guide here)

Move to the "Bolt-ons" and ensure the new Bolt-on you have just created following the steps above, is the only item ticked on this section, "save changes" and exit.

Note: you may have other activities that are fully inclusive and not restricted on any given plan, if that's the case make sure you tick these in addition to the bolt on on the membership plan. Your members on this plan will be able to book any ticked activities on an unlimited basis, except for your bolt-on activity which will be restricted by the number of credits per period as you've set-up above.

FInally, "save changes"

Congratulations! You've now created a method of restricting access to your classes, on a per-period basis.

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