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Why Is My Member Overdue
Why Is My Member Overdue

Find out the reasons causing your member to become overdue

Updated over a week ago

With ClubRight we allow you to see who is active or overdue on your system as well as deny entry where necessary until a payment is made.

Reasons a member is overdue:

  • The member does not have sufficient funds in the payment bank account.

    • To see this go to the member's profile, membership tab, click edit on the overdue membership, and under the payments tab you can then see this as failed.

  • The member has cancelled the stored bank info.

    • To see this you will go to the member profile, and then under the payments tab, you can see it has been removed/cancelled.

  • There is not enough time to collect a new plan automatically.

    • With GoCardless they need to be set up 5 days before the next payment to be taken automatically, otherwise, it may turn overdue as the payment is not collected manually. ClubRight pay is 6 working days in advance.

  • A new plan has a joining fee / pro-rata.

    If a new plan has been setup, joining fee's and pro-rata are always asked for upfront and need to be taken manually.

  • No payment method is setup.

    • To setup a payment method you will go to the membership plan on the members profile, then click the payment option

  • Cancelling a requested payment

    • If the member has a requested payment by direct debit, then cancel this request it will be seen as failed. This means if you then re-request this and it is requested after the payment date for example a payment is on the 1st however it will be taken on the 3rd it will be overdue from the 1st till the 3rd as the last payment failed.

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