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How to remove credits from a customer
How to remove credits from a customer

Removing unwanted credits from a customer

Updated over a week ago

There are multiple ways to remove credits from a customer depending on how they were added, which could be; via the till as a one off product, or as bolt-ons.

Removing credits applied through the till

Option 1:

  • Refund the sale of the product, this would then remove all credits applied on this transaction.

  • To refund you will go to the members profile, purchases tab, then click view on the till transaction linked to the credit.

  • Now you can refund the sale.

If the payment was made by card this will refund the customer the payment.

Option 2:

You can book in the customer to an activity in the past this will then remove the credit added.

This would not refund any payment.

Removing a credit applied by a bolt-on

Option 1:

If the credit was applied by a bolt-on you can cancel the membership plan along with un-used credits.

  • Go to the members profile

  • Click on the membership tab

  • Click "edit" on the plan which gave the bolt-on

  • Click options

  • Cancel with unused credits

Option 2:

You can book the customer into an activity via the diary to remove a credit.

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