Members profile overview
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A Members Profile, which is accessible by finding your member from the "Members" menu option and searching by any number of criteria, contains much useful information about the member as we will cover below:

Comms hub

Messages - will allow you to reach out to the customer via email, SMS or push notification to the app and shows any comms sent to the member. The Send Message button - Allows you to send a one-off message to this member via email, Push (app) Smart Notification (app first, then email if the app push in unsuccessful) or a message to display on the Welcome Screen when they next check-in.

Notes - will allow you to setup a note against the member, they will not see if on the app it is for internal use only.

Tasks - Allow you to setup a task to setup a deadline where needed


Allows you to see the way members can be communicated with, i.e their GDPR consent options, as well as if they clicked to agree your terms & conditions and/or privacy policy.


Allows you to see personal and membership information about the member such as phone number, email etc.

Training / awards

See how many visits the customers has , as well as any awards they have earned.


Allows you to see the result from the Parq to see if the member has any health concerns which would affect the training.


Allows you to see what memberships the customer has active, if it is active, overdue or cancelled. Click "Edit" to view details on that membership.


Allows you to see the customers bookings, and what was used to book in the customer such as a specific credit.


Allows you to setup booking bans against specific customers, either by restricting specific activities or by date


Allows you to see items that have been paid for manually (outside of regular payments for a membership via DD) as well as how many credits the member has and how long they are valid for.

With our Complete Package you can also see how many ePoints they have if you are using Epoints in your club.


Allows you to see if an active payment method is setup to take regular payments


Allows you to see if anyone has made changes to the customer.

Extra info

on the right-hand side you can see extra info about the member, how much they have spent, the amount of times they have attended and more.

You can see the status of the membership plan

Status Meanings:

Active membership - up to date on payments, has a payment method for the future

Overdue membership - the member has missed a payment and this needs to be taken to be active

Incomplete membership - member does not have a payment method setup.

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